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Each year, the holiday season presents rich opportunities for brand-building. During this period, customers search for holiday promotions, shop for Christmas gifts, and look to buy products and services in preparation for the new year.

For many retailers, this is the most profitable time of year. According to recent data from Deloitte Insights, optimism among retail executives is returning, with 73% of executives expecting shoppers to spend more or significantly more this holiday season. In addition, average holiday spending is expected to increase to $1,463 per household, up 5% YoY, with high-income households driving these gains. The digitalization of retail channels is expected to continue accelerating, coupled with the return of some pre-pandemic behaviors, such as experiences, social gatherings, and traveling.

With December right around the corner, brands have a valuable opportunity to communicate their values and identity, strengthen trust and loyalty with their existing customers, reach new audiences, and stand out from the competition.
Here are five branding opportunities to consider for the upcoming Christmas season.


1. Update your website with a festive look and feel

As the most important consumer touchpoint in the awareness stage of your customer’s journey, your website should reflect the holiday season and festive mood. Depending on your brand, you can focus your messaging on the joy of gifting and gathering with loved ones.
Ideas for your website include updating your website with a hero image that highlights seasonal products, placing a gift guide on your landing page, posting banners and pop-ups about holiday sales, and using festive motifs throughout the imagery. Incorporating festive colors such as red, green, blue, and silver into your visual identity will contribute to a branded experience for your customers.


2. Decorate your packaging

Your website’s festive look should also extend to your packaging. Holiday-themed packaging consistent with your website will create a coherent online-to-offline visual experience that delights customers at every touchpoint.
Ensure that you include your new packaging in your product photos on your website and all distribution channels.


3. Partner with influencers

When done right, partnering with influencers that align with your brand’s image and values can help you reach your target audiences.

Consider creating value-adding content that does not look promotional in nature. This could mean featuring your product in the influencers’ holiday gift guides or asking them to show their followers how they use your products during the holiday festivities. This will make their recommendations more credible and trustworthy to their audiences.

For example, Amazon’s sponsorship of YouTuber Ingrid Nilsen’s “doggy Christmas” showed how Amazon Prime is an easy and convenient way to get festive decorations into your home and delight your loved ones. In the homemade video, she created a heart-warming surprise for her friend’s dog, associating Amazon Prime with the spirit of Christmas in an authentic way.


4. Give back to your communities

Christmas is the season of giving. Brands can take this opportunity to show how they care for their communities. For example, you could share stories of employees’ volunteering initiatives or donate a percentage of your holiday sales to a charity that supports a cause that is relevant to your brand.

Showing how you are giving back and making customers feel good about themselves when they purchase from you could be a key differentiator that makes your brand stand out.


5. Launch a holiday ad campaign

If your budget allows, launching a holiday ad campaign is an effective way to leave a lasting impression on your audiences. Focus on your brand’s unique offers and consider how you can craft fun and memorable messaging around the holiday season.

For example, Walkers Crisps’ 2019 Christmas Advert featured megastar Mariah Carey and a Christmas Elf fighting over the last bag of Walkers. It was a humorous way to position Walkers Crisps’ as the one exception to the spirit of sharing during Christmas.


With these five strategies, you can capture valuable branding opportunities that will help you stand out from the crowd and stay top-of-mind during the holiday season.

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